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charlie-charizard: hi, i just wanted to thank you for explaining how to report someone for stealing a picture :)

you’re welcome :*

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catwalkglitter: Hi! Absolutely love your blog. Could you please tell your followers that I'm turning my blog (AllThingsMaroon5) into a Maroon 5 confession blog? I'd really appreciate it. :) xx


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milesfromadamlevine: There's one thing I can't stand about your gif and edits, the watermarks are damn big! And they make the posts look really ugly Sorry :/

ow. really? :/ I thought they look nice. so the thing is I bored with my watermark’s font so I changed it. well thank you for your advice and I appreciate it :D and I’d change it if I made gifs again

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bassoonbuscus09: Oh ma geeze I absolutely LOVE your gifs of Adam. It's perfection. *Internet hug* \(•.•)/

thank you. thank you so much *big hug XD

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urgh. how cute